20 of 20 - WiFi & LAN Data Logger Setup

The setup process for the Solis Wifi Data Logger is fairly similar to the Cellular Data Logger's process. You will need to have the Solis Home or Solis Pro app downloaded on your phone. If you are commissioning Solis inverters on a regular basis, you may want to go with the Solis Pro app. If you are a homeowner or infrequent Solis commissioner, the Solis Home is a better choice. The registration process for the Solis Home app is instantaneous.

Note: When registering with the Solis Pro app for the first time, it takes a few days before you are approved and allowed to register. It is best to register in advance of going to a site so that you will have access.

Unscrew the protective cap over the communication port on the bottom of the inverter's wire box. Plug the Wifi Data Logger into the green communication port and be sure to secure it by tightening the connector.

Go to your WiFi settings and look for nearby networks. The Wifi Logger generates its own network (usually titled AP_XXXXXX)

Connect to this network, there should be green check mark by the network name if the connection is successful.

Bring up the Solis Home (or Pro) app on your phone and register if you have not already done so. 

Tap the plus sign at the top right corner of the screen

The Add Device screen will appear and your camera will serve as a scanner. Scan the QR code on the Wifi Data Logger

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