14 of 20 - Wiring the Autotransformer

How to wire the Solis ATR:

  • Connect conduit/flex to the inverter and the ATR
  • Pull wires through the conduit/flex from the inverter to the ATR
    • 10 AWG is recommended
    • One black wire for L1
    • One red wire for L2
    • One green wire for ground
    • Note: a white neutral wire should pass through the inverter and the ATR going from the main service panel (MSP) to the backup loads panel

  • Install an AC-Backup (Critical) Loads Panel (BLP) - Note: it will be much easier to relocate critical loads from the MSP to the BLP if the BLP is mounted close to the MSP
    • Run conduit from the ATR to the BLP
    • Pull wires between the two pieces of equipment
    • The ATR input from the inverter is two wires
      • L1 and L2 (black/red or black/white)
      • Neutral wire will pass through the ATR to the neutral bus bar in the BLP
    • Be sure to run a Grounding Conductor as well (green wire)
    • The ATR output to the BLP is three wires:
      • L1, L2, and neutral
      • Land all of these wires in the BLP
        • Install a 30A double-pull breaker and land the L1 and L2 wires in each terminal
        • Land the two white (Neutral) wires in the neutral bus bar in the BLP
          • One from the MSP/sub panel
          • One from the ATR
        • Land the green (Ground) wire in the ground bar in the BLP

ATR Specifications:

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