14 of 20 - Wiring the Solis Auto-Transformer (ATR)

 How to wire the Solis ATR:

  • The ATR connects to three things: (1) Solis Hybrid Inverter (2) Main Service Panel (3) Backup (Critical) Loads Subpanel 
  • Connect conduit/flex from the Solis ATR to each of the system components listed above
  • Pull wires through the conduit/flex to the ATR, 8-10 AWG wire is recommended
    • From the Solis ATR to the Main Service Panel
      • Line 1, Line 2, Neutral, Ground for the 240V system breaker - this will also service as the breaker for the inverter
      • Lines for the critical loads that are to be relocated from the Main Service Panel to the Critical Loads Sub Panel - typically two to three black #10 wires - these will pass through to the Critical Loads Sub Panel
    • From the Solis ATR to the Hybrid Inverter
      • Line 1, Line 2, and Ground for the grid output of the inverter
      • Line 1, and Line 2 for the backup output of the inverter - one ground is sufficient 
    • From the Solis ATR to the Backup (Critical) Loads Subpanel
      • Line 1, Line 2, Neutral, and Ground
      • Lines for the critical loads that pass through the ATR from the main service panel
  • Strip and terminate all wires in their proper terminals denoted with labels
  • It is recommended that an OCPD (breaker) be installed in the Backup Loads Subpanel to serve as the supply breaker for the panel - the L1 and L2 cables from the Solis ATR should terminate in this breaker 

The Solis ATR has a physical bypass switch on the side in case the inverter fails. The switch should be set to "2" which ensures that the Backup Loads Subpanel remains energized if the inverter fails. The setting "1" means the loads are supported by the inverter only but not the grid. The setting "0" shuts the ATR off. 

ATR Specifications:

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