8 of 20 - Installing BYD B-Box Battery

The complete BYD B-Box Installation Manual, Quick Reference Guide, and Datasheet can all be found as attached files by scrolling to the bottom of this article.

The BYD-Box HV batteries are modular meaning that they are separated into sections. 

  • Bottom/Base with legs (black)
  • Battery modules (white)
  • Top/BCU (black with BYD logo) 
    • This is called the Battery Control Unit (BCU)

Note: This is a ground-mounted battery that cannot be mounted on the wall; however, it can be mounted to the wall

Installation Steps:

Start by setting the battery base on the ground in a flat, stable area near where the inverter will be

Adjust the legs until the base is perfectly level - using a level is recommended here

Then consecutively stack the battery modules on top of one another - they should nestle comfortably 

  1. Finally, set the BCU on the top module but leave the lid off for now
  2. Make sure the switch is in the OFF position before installing the BCU
  3.  Next you will need to run conduit between the BYD battery and the energy storage inverter
  4. Once conduit is ran and wire is pulled, the wires can then be landed
    1. Land the ground wire in the screw terminal labeled with the ground symbol in the BCU
    2. Land the positive wire in the terminal labeled P+ in the BCU
    3. Land the negative wire in the terminal labeled P- in the BCU
    4.  In the inverter land the positive wire in terminal labeled Bat +
    5. In the inverter land the negative wire in terminal labeled Bat -
    6. The Solis Energy Storage inverter communicates with the BYD B-Box battery using CAN L and CAN H. 
    7. The recommended wire size for communication between the battery and inverter is 22-16 AWG  
    8. Land one wire in port 6 in the battery comm bus bar and in the terminal labeled "CANH" in the inverter
    9. Land another wire in port 8 in the battery comm bus bar and in the terminal labeled "CANL" in the inverter
  5. Ensure that the battery fuses in the inverter are not pushed in
  6. Flip the switch on the BYD battery up into the ON position
  7. Using a volt meter verify that the polarity is correct at the battery terminals in the inverter
  8. If the polarity is correct, push the battery fuses in  

  • Go to "Advanced Settings" in the inverter menus and enter the password 0010 (DOWN, DOWN, UP, ENTER)
  • Go to "Battery Control" and then "Battery Select" then using the UP/Down buttons scroll until B-Box HV is selected
  • Press Enter three times and then hit ESC - When "Save & Send" is highlighted press ENTER
  • Go to "Battery Wakeup" and then press ENTER 

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