Understanding "LimByVg" Operating Status

The operating status “LimByVg” means “Limited by Grid Voltage,” and does not indicate a problem with inverter operation.  This operating mode is activated to curtail inverter power output when grid voltage rises beyond a specified amount. This only occurs when the inverter’s grid standard is set to Rule 21 (California only) or when “Volt-Watt” mode has been activated in the Advanced Settings -> Standard Mode Settings submenu.

By entering “LimByVg” mode when higher-than-usual grid voltage is detected, the inverter is able to continue operating and producing power during times when it may otherwise enter into a “Grid Overvoltage” fault (OV-G-V) and stop producing altogether. As soon as the high grid voltage decreases, the inverter resumes full power output without any interruption. This is the best-case scenario for your production, and for grid stability!

If you observe your inverter remaining in “LimByVg” mode for long periods of time, contact your installer. It could indicate an issue with either the inverter or the local utility grid.

Note: If the inverter is not able to sufficiently decrease the grid voltage by operating in "LimByVg," it will still protect itself and your property through its usual mechanism by going into a Grid Overvoltage fault state, which resolves on its own when the grid voltage returns to normal range.

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