Ginlong Solis Warranty Extension Program

Solis Inverters come with a 10-year standard warranty and in order to extend to 15 or 20 years the customer will need to purchase an extension.  Once the customer purchases the extension a certificate will be issued to them.  




To purchase the extension the customer will need to go to our customer relations management system and go to the warranty extension form found at the following link.




5 year Solis-1P(2.5-4)K-4G-US ($300)

5 year Solis-1P(4.6-6)K2-4G-US ($400)

5 year Solis-1P(6-7.6)K-4G-US ($500)

5 year Solis-1P(8-10)K-4G-US ($600)

10 year Solis-1P(2.5-4)K-4G-US ($470)

10 year Solis-1P(4.6-6)K2-4G-US ($520)

10 year Solis-1P(6-7.6)K-4G-US ($650)

10 year Solis-1P(8-10)K-4G-US ($800)